Tug and Barge is a popular transportation method as cargoes are place don barges and tugged by a towline. This is mainly used as barges are non self-propelled and need a tug from another boat to make it move from one place to another. It is an essential part of the maritime transportation particularly to places that are less accessible in the GMC region.

ADSO AUH has been using the tug & barge transport for decades and is a leading name in maritime freight forwarding solutions. We have a versatile fleet and operations with state-of-the-art vessels. ADSO has projects from an array of industries particularly Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction business.

We supply tug and barge vessels, non-propelled barges, bulk cargo carriers, crew passenger boats among others. Our transportation services are one of the best in the entire region. Our sea freight staff and crew members are professional and certified for the job. ADSO’s engineers are experts and ensure the smooth running of the vessels. There are strict checks and regular maintenance calls for the vessels. One of our main strengths are our efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

ADSO AUH provides tug and barge freight and cargo transportation particularly to the small islands and other narrow waterways around the UAE. We also work in all the major ports and coastal regions of the area. We deliver aggregate, rocks, sand and other materials that are required to be towed in barges. We work with several happy clients that need our towing services in UAE.

We use the best technology to provide tug and barge services. Our aim is to innovate and provide exemplary freight forwarding solutions for the various companies who need our services. The teams work on site diligently and we stay in touch regularly to ensure safety. We work in collaboration with the government and take all security measures very seriously. ADSO AUHs mission is to provide transportation services from busy regions to remote areas.