Our purpose at ADSO group of companies is to free you to focus on your heavy haul trucking service-core commercial enterprise by means of assisting you manage the supply of your merchandise in shorter lead time and at a lower cost as compared to other transportation services in Gulf region, Middle East, Europe and CIS countries. Our team at ADSO understands that your business requires logistic services 24/7 and can provide domestic trucking services tailored to your specific logistical and budget needs. We handle all your domestic shipping and local distribution of your products throughout UAE. Now, you don’t have to pay much or worry about your shipments, if you have less than a full truck load items or equipment to ship, we can accommodate you through our domestic trucking network. Your shipments will be safely consolidated with different shipments to limit your costs and immediately delivered to the preferred destination.

With dynamic growth and excellent track record over 50 years of land transport in Abu Dhabi and overland transportation from Gulf region to Europe, we provide ground transportation as a greater less expensive and faster transport solutions as compare to the slower sea freight option and quite high air freight solutions for local shipments and logistics. Loading is difficult sometimes but we are beatific to share that we don’t have to agonize with the help of our front loading truck. We just love our vehicles and that is why we always maintained them and our team carefully updates all the vehicles with time without any compromise with the technical and technological aspects. Our special team of trainers design training sessions for our expert drivers and labors to communicate with them so that we can take precautions and would be able to tackle all the expected obstacles. We provide trainings on laws of international transport and policies as well.

ADSO assist you with door to door trucking service which includes all the import and export formalities like border control, invoice preparation, customized brokerage, border clearance and much more. We understand that companies may face many hurdles at the border control especially during the transportation of machinery, heavy cargo or project cargo. Therefore, ADSO serves you from inception to end. We furnish all the transportation facilities with the help of our advanced technology and assure you to rely on our safe and insured trucks. Quality and safety is our first prior concern and we never compromise on it. ADSO also facilitates you with Tipper Trucks, Trailers for transport of Aggregate and Sand.

Want to move heavy duty equipment? Then you are at right place. We will move your heavy equipment and machinery from one place to your desired location within the deadline of your time and will facilitate you economically. We serve a vast array of industries and companies particularly Oil, Gas, Power industries as well as development projects. As one of the leading land transport enterprise in Abu Dhabi, ADSO has broad range of land transport including front load trucks and tripper trucks to help you in freight forwarding through the region. We offer intermodal shipping services to get your product to the loading dock and then directly to its vacation spot through our freight trucking services.

Our mission at ADSO is to gain environment friendly and cost-effective individual heavy lift transport solutions via making things as effortless as possible for customer. We provide an excellent and advanced heavy lift transport services to move your logistics, machinery and heavy equipped material throughout Abu Dhabi. Moving from one place to another requires a lot of work to be done which includes pre-planning and precautions for your products and a few researches about the products is also needed. ADSO has gained an experience of more than 5 decades of freight forwarding and general contracting within the region. We provide consultancy to our customers and help them to reach to a better solution within the given framework of possibilities. Our domestic network of freight forwarding assist you in paper work of logistics as well as our front load trucks plays a great role in loading your expensive and sensitive products without any fear of damage to the products and transport it from your door to your desired location.