The advantages of having recruitment and labor supply agencies in Abu Dhabi

In the previous year UAE was met with an increase of 12-13% in respect to the demand for new jobs and this too just in the first quarter. This demand has impacted all of the major cities of UAE, including Abu Dhabi because of the growing economy of UAE. UAE has recently become an attraction for many growing businesses and also for tourists because of its extravagant lifestyle and rich culture. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and occupies 87% of its land. It is the country’s 2nd most populated city after Dubai and is the center of all government, political and industrial offices and work. The vast population of Abu Dhabi and of its industries leads to a buzzing economy with a new business or field emerging every other day.

Apart from the new emerging  businesses, the economy of Abu Dhabi is expanding to meet the demands of the growing population and the increasing tourism rate. An example of a recent sector development is the hospitality sector, a large number of five and seven star hotels have popped up throughout the city to cater the tourists and businessmen. Also the huge population has affected the food industry, the transport industry, the housing and construction industry, etc. Apart from this, the business growth and settlements in Abu Dhabi had led to an open market in the technology sector. The introduction of taxation has also increased the importance of trained finance and human resource departments and employees as well.

With the development of so many sectors and their expansion, new jobs are emerging inevitably.  These jobs require a labor force with special skill sets, which is trained to cater the demands of jobs of a growing industry. The labor force should also meet the requirements of every job across the pavilion. In response to the prevailing condition and demands of new jobs in Abu Dhabi, another industry that emerged in the economy of Abu Dhabi is the manpower supply and recruitment agencies.

These recruitment and manpower supply agencies recruit workers from around the globe to cater to the vacancies in the expanding economy of UAE. Now the companies or even households which are seeking to employ labor have two ways to go about it. The first being direct hiring, in which they have to go through every step of the hiring process themselves including job advertising to selection and screening and most importantly sponsoring the visa of the employees. The second way is to hire labor from a labor supply agency.

There are many fold advantages of hiring labor from agencies that provide manpower supply in Abu Dhabi. Firstly, these agencies are responsible for working out the legalities and visa sponsorship of the candidates of any job. Next, the employers of the prospective employees have to avoid the hassle of direct hiring as the workers are already approached, selected and screened by these agencies for suitable jobs as per their skills. These agencies provide manpower to match the exact skill set that an employer is seeking. These agencies are also trustworthy since they cater to a large industry and have a reputation to uphold. When direct hiring, it often becomes difficult to trust applicants and verify their claim about their qualification. These agencies also have access to a vast labor force from multiple sectors and can provide the best candidates for the job. Labor supply agencies also train and prepare the labor for work, along with assisting employers in the hiring process and making the task easier.

It is crucial to realize the demands of the growing economy of Abu Dhabi and hire suitable labor force to meet these demands. Recruitment and labor supply agencies provide a very accommodating forum to fulfill these demands.