Rig Movements

ADDCAP-COOPERReceiving the Rig from Vessel ex-U.S.A & Transportation to lay-down area – at ADDCAP base in Mussafah.
Baker Hughes Movement of Coiled Tubing Rig from Houston/USA to Yibal/Oman.
ADCODemobilization of Rig ND-1 from DY-4 to Bu-Labyad Island by Marine Transportation
ADMASCOWe have transported ADMASCO Rig No.2 all cargoes & accessories from Habshan to Kuwait
Al Mansoori InternationalMovement of Rig MODCO- 7 (Rig No.226) from Abu Dhabi/Mussafh by sea using 10,000 ton barge with 3200 HP tug combination.
ADCO Rig Nd-IIMovement of Rig ND-II from A1 Gezirah to Shah. The complete rig and camp was transported in ‘Record time’ and the client was very much satisfied.
ADMASCOWe have transported 2 rigs and their camps from Habshan to Dukhan in Doha
Al Mansoori InternationalMovement of Rig Dana -II from Al Buhasa to PDO-Fahoud and Demobilization of the Rig on completion of Drilling after 2 Years period.
Gulf Agency / Duetag – DohaAssisted in their Rig move from Doha to Muscat by providing necessary escorts permission and mechanics for repair of break-downs.
PMC Jordan for SedcoMovement of Sedco Rig-96 from Jebel Ali to Syria
Sanie Drilling Transport of their Rig from Habshan to Saudi Arabia
SaipemWe handled movements of their Rigs to various locations within the U.A.E.