ADSO AUH is humbled to be a part of the Emiratization process and also to become an ICV certified agency in Dubai, UAE. We are committed to working together with ADNOC and have achieved an optimum score on ICV certificate. Being an ICV certified agency in Dubai we are working to provide growth and opportunities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other regions of UAE.

ICV Certification in UAE

All ADNOC suppliers must acquire the ICV certification in order to work and get a score to enhance their participation in bids. The ICV certificate stands for In-Country Value certification program which runs to support growth for economical growth in the UAE. It helps in boosting and streamlining the selection of companies to work under ADNOC. It refines the eligibility criteria as well as encourage development and localization of the region.

How does ICV certification work?

The ICV certification can be obtained through ADNOC after an evaluation and review of the company. The higher the score on the certification and evaluation, the better chances of landing good business. The reason for that are the strict rules and regulations that a company has to possess before attaining the certificate with a good score. ADNOC tests the capability of businesses based on the company’s investment interest in the UAE, contribution in Emiratization and goods manufactured by suppliers or how much third party has spent for service providers. Extra points are given for increase in opportunities given to Emiratis and exported goods count.

Why is the certification important?

It is necessary for the promotion of growth of the local businesses and to explore how much expansion in business can be done in the region. It will encourage Emiratis to develop themselves and take it as an opportunity to bring new ideas to the market.