ADSO is an established freight forwarding and transport agency of UAE that also offers a diverse range of water transportation of different categorizes and capacities. ADSO proudly offers crew passenger vessels on rent to many industries and have many satisfied customers throughout these. The crew vessels are a need of the economy of UAE that has many industries and businesses running operations based on many middles of the sea projects like the petrochemical extraction projects, transfer of goods overseas and the construction and expansion of the peninsula over the sea. All of these projects need enough fleet to securely transfer labor, equipment and goods across or into the sea. ADSO has a variety of crew passenger vessels available with multiple attractive features.

The crew boats at ADSO are available to hold different capacities of people and goods together. We have boats that are able to hold up to 60 people and hold up to 30MT in cargo capacity. Our boats are the best ones in the market and have superior quality fixtures and fitting. These crew passenger boats are designed to accommodate labor and have practical features like labor staff beds in crew quarters, staff rooms, shower stalls, and lounges. These boats also include other useful features like deck space for heavier equipment, full length rated rail for lashing of cargo and much more functional features to make it a rational choice for a crew boat. Our crew vessels are mostly run on petrol and are offered with engines that have different power rating.

All water transport including our crew passenger vessels that ADSO offers are maintained and kept in accordance with the requirements of the water transports regulatory body’s safety requirements. Our boats are also equipped with first aid kits and safety features like fire extinguishers, flares, life jackets, etc.