ADSO offers a great variety of water transport all over UAE and have offices in all the major cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. 70 seater boat is a type of boat that is very popular amongst many of the different types of boats we offer. These 70 seater boat in Abu Dhabi is very useful and rented by people from ADSO for many different reasons. These boats are designed to meet the interior design and exterior design standard of the highest class. They have in build seats and docks with the best available material in the industry including polished hardwood surfaces and faux leather cushioning. These boats are also available in the most attractive and modern colors and contrasts available. These boats are ideal for hosting large parties, office cruises, and even weddings at sea. ADSO has always bought the best quality and brand transport in the market as they are the safest as well, along with other perks.

ADSO has trained its staff that handles these 70 seater boats to do a regular maintenance and cleaning of all of the on board fixtures and gear. They are also trained to update, test and maintain the necessary list of on board safety and first aid equipment in case of any accidents. We also have hired the top standard and highly trained staff of drivers and handlers to give our customers the top of the line service. These drivers are able to maintain speed and sail through different water bodies across the UAE. Our boats are maintained using the guidelines of the water transport regulatory bodies of UAE and our staff is also instructed to follow proper guidelines and legally instated procedures by the authorities, under all circumstances to ensure a safe and legal service.