At ADSO we offer a range of water transportations and cater to a wide variety of passengers. Our most popular boats are the 30 seater boats. These 30 seater boats are made with top quality material available in the industry and they are driven by professional boat drivers that are trained and able to maneuver these through different water bodies with ease. Our drivers are also trained to follow the protocol of water transportation traffic and the safety standards that the state has instilled. ADSO has ownership of the best brand of boats available that use top quality fittings from the best of the industry. Our boats are run on petrol and are available in many different trendy and serene colors. This results in a fun, comfortable and luxurious boat ride for our passengers.

The 30 seater boats that ADSO has are designed to provide its passenger with a smooth and contented sail through different water bodies. Our customers also prefer a 30 seater boat because of its design and compact size, yet enough capacity to accommodate 30 people. Usually this is a great choice for big families wanting to travel together and have fun or to host parties, a company staff group expedition or an activity campaign launch as it is big enough but not too big or too small for such projects. Also, the price at which these are available at ADSO is reasonable as compared to other water transport providers. ADSO also offers different packages for customers looking for suitable water transportation in a budget. Our customer service representatives are also available to help our customers choose the right kind of water transport and also provide the clients with an estimated quotation price for the desire route and requirements including the kind of boat.