Speed Boat Wallpapers posted by Sarah Walker

UAE is a country that has one of the best water transport systems in the world and so such a great water system requires the best modes of transport available. ADSO is one of the pioneer names in the water transport providing agencies of UAE. We at ADSO have a diverse water transport fleet available for our valued customers to choose from. A very much in-demand transport from our variant collection, are our 20 seater boats. These boats are compact but stylish and have the capacity of 20 people; suitable for many reasons. These 20 seater boats are a perfect type of commute around different water bodies for small groups. It is a perfect conveyance for tourist groups, families, office staff groups, sports teams, interest groups and for hosting meet ups. Our boats use petrol as a fuel and have a good, yet manageable speed. They are available in a range of colors for our customers to choose from. Our 20 seater boats in Dubai or Abu Dhabi have a comfortable interior and seem like a home in water. These are the safest option when being hired from ADSO.

ADSO prioritizes the safety of the passengers using our boats. We ensure safety and comfort by following the set laws and terms of use set by the major water transport regulatory bodies of UAE. These regulations and terms are taken very seriously at ADSO and all our boat drivers and handlers are trained and taught in accordance to these to avoid any mistake on board that may be categorized as unsafe. They are also trained in basic first aid in case of any onboard emergency. We also have all the necessary safety equipment on board like life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers, etc incase of any unforeseen mishap. ADSO also have acquired proper licenses from the correct authorities to operate and pass their standardized test through regular checkups.