Local Services & Facilities
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6. ADSO - Packing & Removal

A team of Professional packers supported with skilled and semiskilled labourers and delivery vans, Hydraulic Jacks, Hoist and Trolleys to provide a smooth shifting of offices and residences.

We offer Local & International shifting of residence on door-to-door basis including fixing of furniture & household items.

ADSO - C & F

ADSO has a well-experienced team for Customs Brokerage & Consultancy.

Our C & F supervisors, Delivery Vehicles are equipped with Mobile Telephones & Paging Systems in order to provide our clients better communications for delivery of shipments. Customs clearance and Delivery of shipments from any U .A.E Air and Sea Ports.

8. ADSO - Marine Transport

ADSO -Supply Marine Equipments i.e. Speed Boats, Barges, Crew boats, Safety Boats.etc.

Arrangements for Transportation of cargo to the nearby Islands of UAE & to the Gulf Ports.

9. ADSO - Storage & Distribution

ADSO has 20,000 sq. mtrs of warehouse facilities in Dubai and 4,800 Sq.mtr areas of warehouse in Abu Dhabi.

Temporary storage of household items & general cargo for reasonable rates to our Clients.

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