Local Services & Facilities
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3. ADSO - Projects Forwarding & Procurement

Team of dedicated Professionals to handle all aspects of Project Forwarding including Logistics, International Freight arrangements, Procurement, Marine & Air Brokerage. Global Agency Network to handle and expedite Project Cargo Movements.

Project cargo expeditors through the system of specially assigned job Coordinators & Global Agency networks.

ADSO - Rig Movement & Heavy Lifts

ADSO has a well-known division for their reliability for transport of Heavy and Abnormal Cargoes for the Oil & Power industrial Projects.

ADSO -is one of the leaders for Cross-country movements of Oil Rigs by Land & Sea.

We have a team of Experts well experienced with Oil Rigs and have worked with most of the Drilling Contractors in this area for their rig moves.

5. ADSO - International Freight Forwarding

ADSO has an excellent Global Agency network to provide door-to-door services to and from any part of the world.

We offer a regular Airfreight consolidation services from U .K, France, Italy, Germany & United States.

ADSO has LCL services from Major European ports and United States for imports.

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