• Compliance with Abu Dhabi OSH laws, decrees and legislations, including OSHAD V 3.1 requirements of the Sector Regulatory Authority across transport industry.

  • Work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, in accordance with all current applicable laws and requirements of interested parties.

  • Value human life above all and manage all risks responsibly. We shall not compromise our OSH values for any profit or production.

  • Make efforts to prevent incident and ill-health and provide all employees with necessary OSH resources and information in order to achieve our ultimate goal zero-incident and ensuring good health & welfare of the employees.

  • Train personnel in OSH control measures and codes of practice appropriate to the requirements of their duties and location.

  • Continually improve the OSHMS of the company’s and set, monitor and review OSH targets and objectives and overall OSH performance, including periodic review of the OSH Policy.

  • All employees shall understand and fully comply with this policy and play their active role in improving our OSH Management System.  


Victor Thanikkal 
Rev 02 Rev Date: 03.01.2018