Policy On Recruitment

Head of each department to provide a report on Manpower requirement for their projects in hand.

An advertisement is placed in the daily newspaper calling for applications and applicants shall be short-listed and called for the interview.

Then the interview will be conducted by one of the Sr. Manager who will select suitable candidates who then shall be referred to the Dept. Head for further testing of his skills on his respective job requirements.

Upon hearing from the Dept. head, the management issue the candidates an offer letter detailing his term of contract, scope of work and also advising him company's intention to provide employment on a probation of 3 involved.

The new candidates will be given time to familiarize with the Dept. & organization and Head of Dept. will brief in duties involved.

Once the employee completes successfully the probation period he will be given an appointment later with the term of contract, which will be signed by the management and employee.

Sr. Employees is selected only upon confirmation of the experience from their previous employer and also upon confining their ability to manage the position to be held by them.

Regular meeting is held between the Sr. Management and the Sr. employees to discuss and improve work procedures, quality of work etc. to ensure the same is provided to the client to meet their requirements.