Quality Assurance Policy
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Quality Assurance & Control Policies of ADSO are the practices and procedures which are used within ADSO organization with an objective to ensure that all aspects of it's operations and services provided to customers are systematically planned and controlled in order to provide and deliver the required services in a most economically and timely manner to ADSO's clients.
The Policy is structured and supported by associated documents such as Method of Statement, Work Instructions, Quality Plans, Safety Procedures, Recruitment Policy Personnel Training, Project Plans and Check lists.
This policy is subject to normal copyright laws and as such is the property of ADSO. The content is regarded as private and confidential and may not be reproduced or disclosed without prior written approval of ADSO, Abu Dhabi.
A periodical meeting of Senior Management is held to discuss the policy and to make necessary alterations in order to suit the requirements of changes in the market and the policies of ADSO-organization.
The company "Quality Policy" objective includes but is not limited to: -
  • Providing services that satisfy customer needs and give confidence that it is being achieved.
  • Ensure that the services provided are safe and dependable whilst in service.
  • The performance and service minimum meets customer requirements.
  • The progressive improvement of its services and products used cost effective methods and controls
  • Expanding customer relationship and developing a reputation as a reliable partner in business for quality products and services whilst remaining competitive in the market.
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