Project Cargo Freight Forwarders UAE

ADSO AUH is a leading name in international freight forwarding with over 50 years of experience. We are humbled that we are known as one of the trusted international project cargo freight forwarders in the UAE region. We work hard to provide quality services that includes guaranteed safety of the freight delivery from pick up to drop off anywhere in Abu Dhabi, UAE With our professional staff and latest vehicles, we provide several services including international frieght arrangements, procurement, marine and air brokerage. Our logistics plan is designed to provide our clientèle with the most affordable and efficient international freight forwarding services. ADSO AUH is a global agent for logistics service provider in which our staff works as part of a transport management system that is able to expedite project cargo movements appropriately. As one of the best known freight forwarders in UAE, our international clientèle trusts us with all of their transport problems

The world as we know it now, is not as restrictive at borders, which has encouraged global trade and boosted global economy. It is now easier to enter into the international markets, as compared to previous decades and that is why it is important to understand the international freight forwarding situation. It is highly recommended to hire the services of a third party logistics partner like ADSO AUH, because depsite the ease in transportation, the import/export laws have become stringent as well as the strictness at border control. With the assistance of ADSO AUH, companies can conduct international freight forwarding business with ease.

Team of dedicated Professionals to handle all aspects of Project Forwarding including Logistics, International Freight arrangements, Procurement, Marine & Air Brokerage. Global Agency Network to handle and expedite Project Cargo Movements.

Project cargo expeditors through the system of specially assigned job Coordinators & Global Agency networks.

Freight Forwarders UAE

ADSO AUH offers a variety of freight forwarding services in UAE to local and international businesses that are looking to import products, machinery or other cargo out of Abu Dhabi. Our logistics solutions include door-to-door services as well. We have value added services as well like warehousing, packaging, custom brokerage and so on to smooth out the transportation procedure. From imports, exports, customs clearance, local & cross border trucking, storage & distribution, heavy lift, break bulk handling, project forwarding & management consultancy. All of these services combined with our customer service, that is available at all times, ADSO AUH seeks to provide smooth international transportation solutions to all of it’s clients. Our experienced and professional staff will help you in facing any challenges in international project cargo forwarding.

  • Worldwide network
  • Project Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Survey & Planning Methodology
  • HSE & Task risk assessment
  • Placement of cargo by jacking and skiding
  • Heavy lift Transportation by Modular trailers
  • Hydraulic Modular
  • Lowboy/Lowbed trailers

For International Forwarding ADSO covers:

Imports, exports, customs clearance, local & cross border trucking, storage & distribution, heavy lift, break bulk handling, project forwarding & managment consultancy