ADSO Projects
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1 ADDCAP-COOPER Receiving the Rig from Vessel ex-U.S.A & Transportation to lay-down area - at ADDCAP base in Mussafah.
2 Baker Hughes Movement of Coiled Tubing Rig from Houston/USA to Yibal/Oman.
3 ADCO Demobilization of Rig ND-1 from DY-4 to Bu-Labyad Island by Marine Transportation
4 ADMASCO We have transported ADMASCO Rig No.2 all cargoes & accessories from Habshan to Kuwait
5 Al Mansoori International Movement of Rig MODCO- 7 (Rig No.226) from Abu Dhabi/Mussafh by sea using 10,000 ton barge with 3200 HP tug combination.
6 ADCO Rig Nd-II Movement of Rig ND-II from A1 Gezirah to Shah. The complete rig and camp was transported in 'Record time' and the client was very much satisfied.
7 ADMASCO We have transported 2 rigs and their camps from Habshan to Dukhan in Doha
8 Al Mansoori International Movement of Rig Dana -II from Al Buhasa to PDO-Fahoud and Demobilization of the Rig on completion of Drilling after 2 Years period.
9 Gulf Agency / Duetag - Doha Assisted in their Rig move from Doha to Muscat by providing necessary escorts permission and mechanics for repair of break-downs.
10 PMC Jordan for Sedco Movement of Sedco Rig-96 from Jebel Ali to Syria
11 Sanie Drilling Transport of their Rig from Habshan to Saudi Arabia
12 Saipem We handled movements of their Rigs to various locations within the U.A.E.
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