ADSO Projects
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15 Halliburton -Dubai Transportation of Oil field equipments to Syria for Al Furad Petroleum Products
16 C.C.C. (A)Transportation of Coated pipes from NPCC to Habshan
(B)Transportaion of spools to Saudi Arabia for coating & return after coating to site at Habshan
17 ADNOC (a) Transportation and Distribution of Lubricants
(b) Shifting of office to ADNOC Fod new premises
18 Cleveland Bridge a) ITC Commercial Bldg Hammed & Salaam Towers
b) GUP Expansion Project
c) OGD 545
d) Sambaed Extension Project
19 Archirodon (a) "Lulu Island Project" Supply of Light vehicles
20 Power Transmission (a) "Mirfa Power Plant" Clearing & Forwarding for Project
21 Tata Projects Customs clearance & Forwarding from Abu Dhabi to various sub-station within UAE
22 Cimel Customs clearance & Freight Forwarding
23 China International Transportation of containers from Abu Dhabi to Bahrain
24 KCC Processing Transportation of containers from Abu Dhabi to Bahrain
25 Bachy Int'l Marine Transportation of materials from Mussafah to Doha
26 MHI/Doha Transportation of 3000 tons of Fabricated steel from Dubai to Doha
27 ABB Sadelmi Transportation of Project cargoes in various parts in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi & Jordan
28 NPCC TransRortation of materials from Mussafah to Doha
29 Anabeeb Overland transportation of Project equipments and materials for various refinery shutdown jobs in U.A.E, Oman and Saudi
30 C.C.C./Hochtief
Beirrut International project
Mobilisation of heavy equipments and machine from various gulf states to project sites in Beirrut
31 AI Nasr Tech. Jebel Ali Transportation of Fabricated steel works for Ras laffan Tank
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