Manpower Supply in Abu Dhabi, UAE

manpower supply in abu dhabi

ADSO AUH is one of the leading companies of manpower supply in Abu Dhabi, UAE and is committed to assist you in meeting your business goals. Trained and reliable labor is an asset and we guarantee to provide your business with such valuable benefits. Our staff offers recruitment services and we screen our labor thoroughly before sending recommendations to companies. We are trusted by more than 200 companies for the past 50 years, and we truly humbled by the trust put in our services. Every year, more manpower is required in the Middle East and regions surrounding it. Whether it is due to new projects or expansion of businesses or any other reason that labor is always required, ADSO AUH is a dependable name for labour supply in UAE. We have permission from the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to provide manpower in UAE.

Labor Supply In Abu Dhabi, UAE

ADSO AUH goes through every laborers complete resume and documents before referring them ahead. We are known for our business ethics and we make sure that any one employed or recommended by us is equally trustworthy and has the same ethics. We are responsible for labor supply in Abu Dhabi and we supply a wide range of laborers as following

  • Pipe fitters, who attaches and maintains pipes to different structures and fixtures in offices, homes, construction sites and so on. They are responsible for the piping and often plumbing systems and have knowledge of various tools like welders, saws etc.
  • Welders, who are trained in the welding procedure which is to cut, or produce metal products or structures for all industries and companies. They set up and operate welding machines with shapers, cutters etc and are properly trained in the process and safety of welding.
  • Mechanics are professionals in maintaining and fixing any issues in automobiles by keeping them up to date on their oil change, tuning, filters and other accessories that keep a vehicle running. They are professionally trained in the physics and mechanics of all types of heavy and light vehicles.
  • Heavy & Light Duty Drivers are experts in driving and we provide only those who are trained with knowledge of proper laws and have certified licenses. They have years of experience and hours of driving experience as well as having under gone complete safety background checks for appropriate manpower supply in UAE.
  • Labourers are the hardworking individuals who do all the physical work required in construction. They help run construction projects smoother and safely by removing any debris, they also transfer bricks and building materials from one place to another. We provide you with trained laborers who are medically fit for the job.
  • Carpenters, who make and fix any wooden structures or products and have complete knowledge of carpentry. They are experts in sawing, fixing, and making things out of different types of wood.
  • Steel Fixers are trades person who fix, install and secures steel structures like mesh and iron bars for the purpose of construction. They are well trained in the usage of power tools and hand tools in order to bend, tie together or cut steel bars and mesh.
  • Masons are also a form of laborer who is trained in physical labor work of construction and are mainly responsible for laying down bricks, stones or blocks depending on the type construction taking place.
  • Electricians are those work force who are trained in electrical mechanics and systems. They are able to install wiring and maintain it as well. They will fix any electrical issues that a company, office or factory may face.
  • Technicians are responsible for maintenance of any issues that a place may get including any electrical faults or other technical problems. They are able to figure out technical problems and repair and maintain the equipment or anything that requires their attention.
  • Engineers are high skilled workers that have a complete know how of how structures, vehicles and large complex systems. They are able to analyze and evaluate projects as well build new ones.
  • Supervisors, are trained professionals who are skilled in administration as well as the technical know how of various semi skilled jobs. They are responsible supervising the team under them and ensuring that a project is completed successfully.
  • Riggers are those laborers or personnel who are responsible for attaching and working on rigs. They are the ones who align and level the rigging machinery and have to be trained in this skill.

ADSO AUH provides the labor supply in UAE with proper medical insurance, compensation, payroll according to the law and ensures that they provide appropriate services. Why  go through the time consuming process of looking, interviewing and hiring skilled or semi skilled labor when ADSO AUH can do it for you?