ADSO LLC aim to achieve the objectives by:

  • Proper communication and consultation with employees, other involved parties regarding company policy, procedures and commitments to improve their awareness and contribution to maintain legal compliance, client requirements and suggestions for continual improvement of IMS.

  • Careful selection, allocation of competent personnel, performance evaluation including subcontractors, providing specific trainings, safe work procedures, proper tools & safe equipment’s to perform activities utmost safely to prevent injury and ill health.

  • Performing maintenance, inspections, audits, implementation of proper corrective and preventive actions to control or eliminate all potential non-conformities to ensure Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental conformities and Legal compliance.

  • Conducting proactive hazard/aspect identification, risk/impact assessment, determination and implementation of reliable control measures for further continual improvement.

  • Promoting involvement of all personnel attention for emergency response and maintaining positive HSE culture on all work sites, company camps and offices.

  • Promoting pollution prevention by enforcing Reduction, Recycle and Reuse practices, avoidance of misuse of water and fuel, toxic emission prevention, waste disposal as per regulation for assuring a safe, healthy survival and for pleasant future.

  • Setting and reviewing QHSE objectives & targets on periodic basis and set further targets with respect to Quality, Health Safety and Environmental Management system.